140826 4 Things Show - Who is Zico? (Zico on himself)

  • Zico: What I gain is honor, money, love, and satisfaction. In return, what I lose is my time with my family, friends, relaxation, and myself, which I find I'm losing slowly day by day. I'm not sure if I'm slowly becoming Zico myself or living my life along with Zico. I have more moments of looking in the camera than I do at myself in the mirror. I often have an existential crisis on if the person on camera is really me or if the person off-camera is the real me.
They’re working on it according to their statement on Facebook …

Welp I have negative thoughts honestly but let’s just it leave that. Good luck and praying things would get better soon!

140826 4 Things Show - Zico has a lot of thoughts?

  • Kyung: I think he lives is life difficultly. He tells me what stresses him out and when I hear that from him, it's really just the little things that build up over time so it hits him as one huge problem. Despite appearing tough on the outside, he's still a kid on the inside but he can't complain to people. In a sense, he's pretending to be an adult and slowly becoming one.
  • P.O: People in his surroundings keep pressuring him for more and the way people see him is also another source of pressure for him. I think he just continually becomes trapped.
  • Taewoon: He probably does have a lot of thoughts. With Block B now at a steady position, he's probably thinking about his solo career and family problems also. He probably has a lot of thoughts running through his mind.
  • Ugly Duck: He's just constantly at a state of needing to this and that, and in that state, it's really difficult to compose lyrics too.
  • Rhymer: He's a kid who thinks of producing despite promoting for his current album. From sketching out the next album to recording, he's the type to hold everything in so I think that makes it just as difficult for himself.
익명 회원;
i'll try to get a little bit of money from the booking of the hotel but they won't give 100% of my money. I've already lost almost 300 euros for my train tickets ;_; it's a lot of money that i've spared for literally nothing but i hope they'll tell us the real reasons for this; thank you <3

man that’s alot D: personally from the statement I don’t really blame the organizers since they’ve done their part, and are working to fix it but it’s just so shady for that guy to disappear. Seems like you can’t even trust anyone no matter how resourceful they are. 

did the anon get the vvip tickets? then she probably wont get the tickets back :c all tickets bought through eventim are being refunded. I was supposed to go with press passes and got this shady email suddenly that the whole thing was canceled.

ah, so most people are still getting refunded? But still everything feels so ://

익명 회원;
i've lost a lot of money but i'm really sad above all. I'm also bad at comforting so it's okay :(:( it's the worse feeling ever, i just cant believe it; i hope Block B will come soon for a solo concert </3 and i hope everyone will get over this incident. thank you again fellow BBC <3 i'll get through this.

is there no way for you to at least get a refund on something? ;; be well anon! and everyone involved </3 

익명 회원;
hi! :( bad news, the festival in Germany is cancelled, so i won't see Block b. I'm so sad, i've paid a lot of money for the tickets, lights tickets, concert tickets and the hotel. I really want to cry right now i don't feel well... cant believe they have cancelled the concert.

I got to know from my friend (and thought of you too) I’m so sorry :( I’m really bad at comforting people just ugugHhHh I know you can’t cheer up right now but feel better soon! One day hopefully a better chance will come so don’t lose hope!


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